my voodoo love
My name is Rachel, I'm 16, and I like a lot of things.
I like turtles, chocolate, nice smelling perfumes, shoes, sparkly things, Ariana Grande, hot mocha, winged eyeliner, the invention of a curling iron, crazy nailpolish colours, Coca-Cola, Harry Styles and his beautiful self + his sexy little tattoos, depressing movies based on novels by Nicholas Sparks, Ed Sheeran, people with neat looking eyebrows, high-waisted skirts, the amazingly sexy young man that is Zayn Malik, strawberries, pearl earrings, the fact that I live in the most amazing place on Earth, onesies - even though I don't even own one, photography, big watches, amazing British accents, wax strips.
I also love The Janoskians, they're pure perfection.

If there is anything else you'd like to know about my amazing self (lol), by all means, holla at me shawty.

I ask this in the most respectful way, PLEASE do not repost my edits. I slave over my computer night and day to make fun edits that you guys can enjoy... or not enjoy. So yes, please only reblog, thank you! x

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